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There are many levels of custom fitting golf clubs, the more detailed the fitting the more benefits to the golfer. We pride ourselves in custom fitting to the highest level.
The main components are:-

to make the club fit your size
  and hit the ball straight
Loft to optimise ball flight distance and distance control
Back spin rate to manage flight and distance
Side spin rate to control shot shape
Shaft weight to help rhythm and consistency
Shaft flex to aid ball striking
Launch angle to optimise flight, distance and playability

It all sounds complex but we do all this for you - with our experience and knowledge we can work out the best clubs for you. This is a free service that comes with purchasing all clubs from drivers to putters! Yes we even custom fit putters.

Does it affect you? Of course... from the beginner to the elite golfer everyone benefits. With one type of iron there can be over 100 variations of that club and maybe 50 clubs to choose from therefore your odds of selecting the right club for you is 5000-1. You would not bet the price of a new set of irons at odds of 5000-1, when you can narrow those odds to a certainty for free!

How do I get fitted? Email Us or call us to book your instore fitting. This will take approximately 1 hour but will continue further if we are still fitting you. Although we advice you to come to our store to be fitted, if this is impossible we can help you via email and try to find a solution to your golfing needs.

In your email be as specific as you can regarding:-

Your size
Your strength
The distance you hit the ball
Your handicap
Your typical shots (good and bad!)
Your needs

Don't take odds of 5000-1 at any other store, let us help you to buy your clubs and guarantee that they are the perfect match for your game.